About Ellsworth Aikikai


The Ellsworth Aikikai is a traditional aikido dojo located in Ellsworth, Maine. The dojo is affiliated with the United States Aikido Federation. Dojo members who join the USAF may test for rank according to the USAF testing requirements.

Beginners are welcome at any class!


David Hill is the instructor at The Ellsworth Aikikai. He holds the rank of yondan and is a fukushidoin in the United States Aikido Federation. He began his Aikido training in Toronto in 1990 where he studied Yoshinkan Aikido for a brief time before joining the Toronto Aikikai. In the Summer of 1992 he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana and studied under the guidance of Didier Bertrand at Aikido of Indianapolis and Akira Tohei Shihan of the Midwest Aikido Federation. In 1998 he moved to Ellsworth, Maine and founded the Ellsworth Aikikai. The dojo became affiliated with the United States Aikido Federation in late 2000 and currently is under the guidance of Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan, chief instructor at the New York Aikikai, and Harvey Konigsberg Shihan, chief instructor of Woodstock Aikido.

Amy Langlois is an assistant instructor at the Ellsworth Aikikai. She began her training in January 2003 at Shoshinkan Dojo in Providence, RI under the guidance of Frank Gallo Sensei, Eastern Regional Director and member of the Aikido Association of America Teaching Committee. She joined the Ellsworth Aikikai and the United States Aikido Federation in September 2010 and currently holds the rank of shodan. She continues her training by attending regional seminars led by senior USAF instructors.